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Cornerstone has moved to the Dandenong Church of Christ located at 139 David St, Dandenong. This is a temporary move until we locate a new permanent premises. For our updated program list, please take a look at our 'Programs' page on this website. You can also follow us on Facebook for further updates..

Over the past 25 years Cornerstone Contact Centre in the heart of downtown Dandenong has provided a drop in home to many in our community who are experiencing hardship, and are in need of some extra support.

Through providing a meal or food parcel, a safe place to meet, a place to belong, social connection, a positive environment, good friends or a listening ear, Cornerstone continues to be a home to many who come through their door (20,000 plus visits per year).

Cornerstone is operated largely by a committed team of over 100 volunteers from the local community (including from a variety of local churches), and is located on the corner of Mason and Walker Streets in Dandenong (easy walking distance from Dandenong station).

Many who come through the doors unfortunately do not have a safe place to call home, and many live without supportive family and friends around them. Many are experiencing homelessness, or living in unsafe and unstable housing, some have experienced relationship breakdown, mental health issues, addictions, unemployment, and some have come from overseas where they faced trials such as war and famine in their homeland, or any number of other complexities. Regardless of a person’s background, everyone is welcome at Cornerstone, their home away from home.

Cornerstone Contact Centre is open most days of the week, operates with a small part-time staff (just three) and relies heavily on a committed team of volunteers across their various programs.

Cornerstone Contact Centre
PO Box 358
Dandenong 3175

Cornerstone operates under the business name Cornerstone Contact Centre Inc. (AOO29459A)

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