For most of us home is about security, family, fun, belonging, community, connectedness and hospitality. Unfortunately, there are many in our communities that do not have a safe place to call home, living without supportive family and friends around them. They may have experienced relationship breakdown, mental health issues, unemployment, they may have come from overseas where they faced trials such as war and famine in their homeland, or any number of other complexities. Regardless of a person’s background, we all need somewhere to call home.

Over the past 25 years Cornerstone Contact Centre in Dandenong has provided a home to many in our community who are experiencing hardship. Through providing a meal or food parcel, a safe place to meet, a place to belong, social connection, a positive environment, good friends or a listening ear, Cornerstone continues to be a home to many of the people who come through our doors each year. We’re open most days of the week, operate with a small part-time staff (just three) and rely heavily on a committed team of over 100 volunteers across our various programs to serve our 20,000+ meals each year.

Recently we were advised that we need to look for a new home. After many years of generous support, including free rent the owners of our building are selling. We are on the lookout for alternative accommodation! As a small charity, it’s not easy raising the required funds to continue providing a sense of home to some of the most vulnerable in our community.

In order to make this possible we need to raise an extra $75,000 per year, so, we need your help. Please consider partnering with us, either through a once-off tax deductible donation or through regular ongoing support. This will enable us to secure our new home.

Please support us to help us help those most in need in our community and in this way, stand with thousands who both now and in the future, say of Cornerstone, “There’s No Place Like Home”.  


Click on the link above for online giving or donate directly:

Account Name: Cornerstone Contact Centre, Inc. 

BSB: 063 068   

Account Number: 3619 1041 5882 

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